Halo Essences are bottles of vibrational energy infused with different essential oils and distilled water
Halo Essences are all unique and came into fruition using different crystals, angel cards, distilled water, symbols and with help for the angel realm. The ‘mother bottle’ is then diluted with vodka to preserve it. Stock bottles are then filled with distilled water, essential oils and between five to ten drops of the mother bottle.
There are many ways to choose a Halo Essence. Each essence has a colour associated to it. If you are drawn to a colour, you could use this particular essence. You could also read the blurb for each bottle and see which one resonates with you or just see does any ‘pop’ out at you.
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You can spray your Halo Essence in the air around you or you can use it as a room spray. For example, if you felt a room in your house was feeling a little cluttered, Fire and Ice can be great for clearing it.
It is perfectly safe to use more than one Halo Essence at a time.
No as the body will only use what it needs to.
Some Halo Essences have immediate effect while others may take a little longer depending on the reason for using it. Depending on how long you have had the issue, the essence may take longer to facilitate your relief.
Halo Essences work on a vibrational level and so do not interfere with other healing modalities.
Yes, Halo Essences are safe to take during pregnancy.
Yes Halo Essences are safe for children and pets to use.

Halo Essences are not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. No claims are made that Halo Essences can cure physical and/or mental illnesses. Halo Essences are not an substitute for medical advice and we always recommend seeking such advice from a trained healthcare professional.