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Helping to calm the mind for a restful night of…


Sleep is the best way to rest your thoughts. Rollercoaster essence, with lavender essential oil, will support you to ground and calm the madness in your head so that you can rest and wake up refreshed with gratitude to start a new day.
Recommended to calm your racing mind and aid sleep…  Rollercoaster

Golden Halo Collection

Help with sleep
help through your day
Sense of clarity, care-free and fun energy.

Be Yourself

Are you afraid to be yourself because you are afraid of what other people think of you? Gaiety essence asks you to shed all expectations of the world so that you can be your unapologetic self. With this comes a sense of clarity, care-free and fun energy. Recommend editors choice – Gaiety

Kaleidoscope Range

Clearing from negative.


Does your energy or space need clearing from negative energy? The Chopper helps to remove negative energy changing the atmosphere of your space by filling it back up with magic and sparkle! When energy is removed, it leaves a void so it is always important to set your intention to fill it back up with lots of fun and sparkle. Click here to learn more about – The Chopper

Drained Energy?

Protection & Safety

Does it feel like people drain your energy? Do you feel tired after being in a shopping centre for a short period of time? Do certain work situations cause you to feel tired and vulnerable? This may be because your energy field is not protected which can be common for empathic people. When in Vegas essences holds and protects your energy so that you are safe and more confident in group situations. Click here to learn more about – When in Vegas

help with loss

Let it go.


Do you find it hard to forgive yourself or others? Do you get consumed with anger because you cannot see past it? Evolve essence helps you offer forgiveness to yourself or others so that you do not allow bitterness to consume you and so you can let it go. Add a ‘Just because…’ card and we can send it directly for you. Recommend editors choice – Evolve

Full Range

Engulfs you in a comfort.


Are you your own worst critic? Do you criticise yourself or others when really you are only hurting yourself? Bubble of Love essence encourages you to see a broader perspective so that you can give yourself grace. We can be so hard on yourselves which can lead to us feeling worthless and undeserving of love. Bubble of Love protects you from this pattern and engulfs you in a comforting hug and much needed self-love. Click here for more information – Bubble of Love

Golden Halo Collection

Help with sadness.

Bereavement & Loss

Angel Hair offers angelic support through times of loss and great sadness. Send someone you know who has lost someone close to them an Angel Hair Candle or spray to show them you are thinking of them. Add a ‘Just because…’ card and we can send it directly for you. Recommend editors choice – Angel Hair

Golden Halo Collection

help with sadness and loss

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