Bubble of Love


Bubble of Love with rose geranium essential oil, releases you from judging yourself and others. Know that you are your own best friend. When you give yourself grace, you give yourself permission to be loved and to love without condition.

Affirmation: I release judgement & give grace & ease to myself & others. I feel the bubble of love that surrounds me, allowing me to love myself & others easily.

How to use the affirmation: When using this essence, repeat the affirmation three times out loud or in your head. Write it down and have it somewhere visible so that you can repeat it often, believing and trusting the words that you are saying.

Directions: Spray in the air around you, inhale and feel the magic go to your toes! Use as a room spray. Do not ingest.

Ingredients: Water, geranium essential oil and spirit energy. 30 ml bottle.