The Chopper


The Chopper with Florida water, is a cleansing essence. It clears unwanted energy around you and your space. It fills you up with magic and sparkle so that you can manifest abundance in your life.

Affirmation: I release & let go of all that holds me back & no longer serves me. I welcome in the glitter & sparkle that life has to offer. Life is exciting & anything is possible!

How to use the affirmation: When using this essence, repeat the affirmation three times out loud or in your head. Write it down and have it somewhere visible so that you can repeat it often, believing and trusting the words that you are saying.

Directions: Spray in the air around you, inhale and feel the magic go to your toes! Use as a room spray. Do not ingest.

Ingredients: Water, Florida water and spirit energy. 30 ml bottle.